Rainforest Farm & Gardens

9 Feb

I eat more fruits and vegetables when I can just take a stroll and harvest them right where I live. When I have to go through the hassle of buying my produce, often a lot of it ends up going bad before I can eat it, because I buy too much all at once. This way, I take what I want, when I want it, right off the living tree!Colleen, 2012 Hedonisia Intern Community Manager 

Agricultural tourism in Hawaii! Hedonisia Garden Videos

Interns working in Hawaii
Intern Kesi with Starfruit Harvest

The Hedonisia property is a tropical education farm, divided into 26 gardens from A to Z. Each garden has a purpose—edible, decorative, or medicinal.

We have created maintenance and information videos for each of the gardens in our community.

We use video to make it easy for an intern or volunteer to receive proper instruction, work efficiently on the land and make a meaningful contribution. As well video offers a simple way for guests to find and harvest agricultural produce on the property.

Our farming model is to mimic Mother Nature! We find the plants that like our volcanic rainforest so much, they will grow like a weed with minimal maintenance. This natural form of permaculture allows us to grow many edibles on the property without the need for any chemical fertilizers .

We also save time and resources because we are not burdened by packaging and transportation. We prune our edible gardens by eating the fruits and vegetables straight away!

Bringing the 'market to the food' is one of the most eco-friendly ways to farm because people eat what is grown right on the property. This eliminates harvesting, transportation, storage and marketing costs!

There is an educational element to our Garden Farm model. Often, guests and volunteers come to Hedonisia from towns and cities. Many do not have experience gardening or growing their own food. Hedonisia's Educational Garden Farm allows them to learn about trees and plants as they harvest their own edibles!

If you come to Hawaii and volunteer at a 'normal' farm, you may only learn about the crops they produce! However if you come to Hedonisia and delve into our Gardens, you will leave with an abundance of knowledge regarding edible, medicinal and decorative trees and plants that thrive in Hawaii's rain forest environment.

20% of your payment is a 'Farm Produce Fee' which allows you to harvest any of the agricultural crops growing on the property. This provides Hedonisia with a farming income.

Hedo Trees Care & Maintenance!

Though we have a number of edibles, we emphasize tree farming because we simply don’t have the labor to do ‘normal’ farming. Trees need a lot of attention in the beginning but once they start growing up they do their thing. A perfect symbol for a ‘community of individuals’!

We are creating a spreadsheet for the tree maintenance on the property. Our trees are our most valuable plants. Many of them are purchased fruit trees with good pedigrees.

Just like a C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur business plan, trees require a lot of attention in the beginning until they are able to better fend for themselves.

To further care for our trees we are making a video series. Combined with the tree spreadsheet we will know when to give the trees some weeding and compost and also be aware of their locations so they are not accidentally ‘weeded’.