What is this Bill 270?

Aloha fellow proposed  Bill 270 Building Code stakeholder

This morning, June 7, 2011, the County Council heard the first reading

of Bill 270 Proposed Building Code, Bill 269 Proposed Plumbing Code

and  Bill 268 Proposed Electrical Code. Only 2 people spoke on Bill

270 and one each on the others.  All three bills passed the first

reading unanimously.  The second and final hearing will be July 22,

2011.  If  passed at that hearing the three bills become the law of

Hawaii County  90 days later.

The proposed Bill 270 Building Code includes by adoption many other documents:

Bill 270 Proposed Chapter 5 BUILDING  ( Available to print off the

County web site. )

The International Building Code, 2006 Edition  ( 1738 pages, $179.00,

You may review at County Clerks Office, Public Works Office, Hilo

Library Reference or buy it. ) ( I will suggest the IBC be adopted as

reference – not a part of the code. ) ( page 1 of Bill 270 )

The International Energy Conservation Code, 2006/2007 ( Chicago Energy

Code – Miami, FL zone 1 applies to all 13 Hawaii Island climate zones


State of Hawaii Building Code

There maybe more and on page 4, Bill 270 there are 10 more other laws.

Our goal should be a common sense Building Code written for the

inhabitants of Hawaii Island that reduces the cost of building to

provide affordable housing for all.


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