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Sustainability Resource Links

Big Island and Puna -Local

Neighborhood Place of Puna

Puna Community Development Plan

Environmental Organizations

Sierra Club Hawaii

Conservation Hawai’i

Community Building

Abundant CommunityAwakening the power of families and community


Hawaii Eco Living: Eco Driven, Sustainable Thinking, & Regenerative Living.  This site is starting off as an eco resource hub for the Hawaiian islands, your one stop to find community, business, organizations, & events that are eco & sustainably influenced.  Stay tuned as we branch out into entertainment & locally produced life essentials. Mahalo for your support.

Live Green Hawaii -a “green” website promoting sustainable living and bringing together individuals, communities and organizations to help people learn, partner and make incremental, positive environmental changes in their daily lives and communities in Hawaii.

Hawaii Green Pages– GREEN DIRECTORY Enjoy a healthier greener lifestyle with direct access to green resources and information about practical environmentally responsible and health minded choices available in Hawaii.

Hawaii Sustainability: THIS Organization- With a little organization, the community can use available resources to counteract social and economic injustice through progressive programs that help people gain the skills, knowledge, resources, and ability to provide for themselves.

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community

Comprehensive YouTube video on Sustainable Communities

Maui Sustainable Communities

Sensible Simplicity Forum: Discussing Sustainability

Green Building & Affordable Housing Resources

U.S. Green Building Council

Small Affordable Houses Workshops

Eco Terrestrial Concepts Eco Building

Earthbag Building

Here is a direct link for the cob oven and earthbag dome workshops by Scott Howard et al of Earthen Hand natural building:

Comprehensive consumer guide to energy efficient housing and “green mortgages”

Government Approved “Hobbit House” in Wales

Social & Political Change

Changing the Building Permit Laws in Hawaii

Ohana Dialog- discussions of problems with zoning and building codes making it impossible for people/families to live affordably, and making it difficult to have or maintain the kinds of communities that may still exist now or existed previously.

Hawai‘i People’s Fund is a publicly supported community fund established in 1972 to provide grants to progressive grassroots social change organizations working in Hawai‘i.

Sustainable Economies Law Center

South Maui Sustainability

Maui Sustainable Communities

Useful Government Pages

Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan

Hawaii Sustainability Primer

County Ordinances on Indigenous construction  See Building code CH. 5  Section 5-83,  which is page 70 through page 86 of the chapter.

Hawaii Resource Toolkits

Building Permits Laws

Cost of Government Commission Minutes

A Community-Building Workbook

Hawaii County R & D Stats and Info

Video Links

Be The Change Video: a lively and catchy activist song