support from the Hawaiian Acres Community Association

June 13th, 2011

Hawaiian Acres Community Association

PO Box 368

Kurtistown, HI 96760

Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance

13 June 2011

Re: Hawaii County Sustainable Rural Habitat Ordinance


On behalf of the Hawaiian Acres Community Association (HACA)board, I am writing

this letter to voice our support for the concept of an ordinance to address limiteddensity

owner-built rural dwelling and associated structures.

We’ve had some discussions at our meetings on the topic of the Universal Building

Code and believe that there are many provisions in it that are not compatible with

the rural life style so many of us enjoy here in the Hawaiian Acres Subdivision.

One of your board members, James Weatherford, in his letter dated31 May 2011, to

the Puna Community Development Action Committee requesting their support for

the Hawaii County Sustainable Rural Habitat Ordinance stated, ”The proposed

change in policy is first and foremost about sustainable quality of life, permitting

rural habitat with a lower ecological footprint, through use of local, recycled, and

unconventional materials and building methods.” These are ideas that the HACA

board can endorse because they are consistent with how many of our residents are

currently living.

Thank you for taking the initiative to draft the Rural Habitat Ordinance.



President, HACA


1 thought on “support from the Hawaiian Acres Community Association

  1. BenedickHoward

    Aloha, my first post here .. great site, ideas/actions and glad to find you at last!

    As a former development engineer for General Electric, healing systems inventor and a board member for Hawaiian Acres Community Association I volunteered to testify the above letter (on behalf of HACA)on two occasions before the council.

    Personally, I also testified about the Bill 270 as being unconstitutional, dehumanizing and violates our council members’ oath to uphold the constitution.

    In addition, I testified under the sunshine law all referenced materials to Bill 270 need to be freely available and when I inquired for Bill 270 and the IBC i was told “that the IBC was not freely available as it is copyrighted”.

    The IBC is a commercial building code and has to be made freely available when and if made into law. There was a Supreme court decision on this in June 2002 see

    BTW the “Occupy Hilo” peaceful demonstration last Monday October 24 was attended by 54 protestors up from 10 the first demonstration. Thaks to those that showed up!



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