Special Use Permits (SUP)

Special Use Permits (SUP) in Hawaii

One of the major areas the Alliance is looking at is zoning issues. Many communities want, or maybe even need, to engage in more than the one activity their land is zoned for, such as farming.

After much experience and discussion with county planning department personnel, it has been determined that most zoning issues can be resolved through an SUP. However, SUPs are not always easy to get or even apply for. Therefore we plan on pooling our resources in this area to help the process, set precedents and share approved SUPs to use as templates for future applications.

This blog category will be an ongoing discussion of progress made in this area, as well as new ideas, etc.


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  1. John Schinnerer

    Planned Unit Development (PUD) is another way to do something different than the default zoning allows. It is a different process than SUP and in general applicable for different needs or intentions.

    It would be good to find out if a PUD and SUP can be combined.

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