Save the Yurts! One person’s experience in CA


Thank you for sharing, and creating action for change…

I will share this information with my community to reach towards creating possibilities for yurts and other eco-

conscious structures to stand in our community. I had a yurt stand in community as a beloved donation based yoga

studio, serving 1,000s of students and 12s of teachers for 5 years until the City determined based on their

interpretation of code that it did not meet code. Actually, I asked our yoga community to sign a petition in support of

your efforts to “to save your S.P.A.C.E;)” Anyway, the yurt came down a few months ago, and I put myself on a sub-

committee formed by our yoga community efforts, and by the Encinitas Environmental Commission (City Council

directed) towards the reformation of code to include yurts and other.

Then, I bought my ticket to the Big Island. I was invited to attend the World Wide Yurt Makers conference in Puna to

share my yurts story. While in attendance, a newly formed organization, NAYA (North American Yurt Alliance) was

birthed. And, included in their agenda is code reformation to support their industry as well as the higher good for the

world. I share this with you from the space of acknowledging the efforts of all activists and the grid that is being

created on all levels. You are supported:)

I am back in California at the moment, and if you have any insight or advice for me to share with my community in

Encinitas, please know I am open to receive.

peace and love your way, dawn

If you would like more information regarding the yurts journey and Yoga Swami: (click on Save

the Yogic Yurt)


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