Open Letter to Mayor Kenoi- Support Sustainable Building code

Open letter to Mayor Kenoi regarding ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CODE LEGISLATION

Dear Mayor Billy Kenoi

The Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance requests that you give your support to the introduction of ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CODE LEGISLATION that has been drafted by Councilman Zendo Kern and stalled by your Department of Public Works.

Our Alliance (see <> represents 32 local organizations and over 600 members statewide.

We wrote and introduced the alternative building code resolution that was unanimously adopted by the County Council in October 2011. This resolution called upon the DPW to “establish an alternative building code.” Our members are significant stakeholders in this process and have been patiently waiting for some action to occur since this resolution.

As a result of our extensive research on alternative building codes used in other U.S. Counties we wrote and submitted a draft to DPW in March 2012. Despite meetings and requests for more meetings the process was totally stalled by DPW.

During the 2012 election many local residents actively campaigned in support of Council Member Zendo Kern because his primary platform was for an alternative building code. Councilman Kern has also researched and written a draft for an alternative building code bill and submitted it to DPW for their review and comments.

Once again your Department of Public Works has sidelined this initiative and has effectively stalled the process again. It is common knowledge, since the controversy over Bill 270, that alternative building legislation has broad support island wide and is long overdue. It has the potential to offer great relief to the occupants of over 7,000 non-compliant homes and to County staff that have the impossible task of enforcing the current building codes.

We ask that you step in to move this draft out of the DPW  so that it can be formally introduced to the County Council in the very near future. Please inform us of any action you take in this matter.

Sustainably yours, Graham Ellis ,

Chairperson, Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance.


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Mayor Kenoi- Support Sustainable Building code

  1. PoopIsPlantFood

    Am I correct in assuming that this alternative building code push — which seems to be County-level — is separate from SB2274? If so, is there an update? Is this still stalled at DPW? Thanks!

    1. alohajuggler

      Yes separate and still stalled at DPW………very frustrating but we intend to focus on this again once SB2274 is resolved
      aloha for your support

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