How to State Your Opinion on Sustainability- Submitting Testimony

Submitting testimony in Support of the HSCA Resolution:
We really appreciate you taking a moment and sending a quick email to the County council, to help make sustainable living more legal.   Here are some tips, and how to send it.

Tips for effective testimony:
* Keep it positive.  Talk about what you want rather than what you don’t want.
* Also keep it short.  Just make one or two points in a few sentences.  Short emails are more likely to be read.
* Note that your testimony can “Favor”, or “Oppose”, or “Comment”.  Make this clear.  See the template format below.
* If you want a list of points you might bring up, see this post.

**Send your email to

Example of an email testimony layout:

Don’t point out flaws in government, or vent your frustration.

Do point out how this will make it easier for the County, the many ways in which this could save the county $$$.

Do mention how this will serve low income residents.

Do mention how this can reduce current workload bottle neck in permitting processes.

“RE Comm. 385, Res. 167-11 Sustainable Habitat

1. Make a point, express a concern in a sentence or two.

2. Make a second point.

Because this Resolution #167-11 addresses these concerns, I’m in favor.


‘your name _________ ‘

resident, Hawaii County”

Paper mail carries more weight than faxes or emails.

Original statements carry more influence than paste and copied membership drives.

For in person testimonies at the meetings, keep it relevant and brief, 3 minutes allowed.


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