Hawaiian Sanctuary

Sanctuary Pod House

Sanctuary Pod House

Come stay at a tropical oasis of natural beauty and abundance on the Big Island of Hawaii. Live in a cooperative community environment while exploring sustainability, Hawaiian style. Live in our eco-chic Jungle Pods, Jungalows or lodge rooms while immersing yourself in farm life, daily yoga, cultural classes (hula and more).

Relax and rejuvenate in our modern spa/jungle gym facilities with a personalized detox program. Adventure to nearby lava flows, waterfalls and exotic black sand beaches. Discover why the Hawaiians call this the “Healing Island”.

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About Mojo Mustapha

The Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community is based on a social enterprise busines model. For eco-tourist we offer low-carbon eco-friendly lodgings using recycled and reused materials, we also have a Fair-Trade Volunteer Program that allows visitors to Hawaii to enjoy a low cost vacation in Hawaii by working for lodgings under our Fair-Trade Volunteer Program. Volunteers work with their bodies doing land work and also their brains working on our socially active websites dealing with international women's rights amongst other issues. We are working with the HSCA to implement zoning changes to allow for eco-friendly communities and for residential and community buildings to be made safely and with reusable and recyclable materials. Such housing could be made much more cheaply and using locally sourced materials would leave a much smaller carbon footprint than the current situation in Hawaii whereby most "legal" building materials have to be imported from the mainland.

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