County only interprets the State Laws

Minutes 10/14/2010 County only interprets the State Laws

The county can’t help us in lobbying the state people, but they can work with the state laws after they are passed and will make zoning codes.  They can only interpret the laws they are given by the state.  The county planning department is waiting for some eco laws so they can work with them.   HI sustainable 2050 law is what we need to refer to, as we are trying to implement it.

Scott said to narrow down our definitions and what we want, so we can perhaps avoid going through the whole lawmaking system to change things.

The term eco village implies having an actually village.  If you use the words “testing area” or “experimental” that implies that sometime the test will be over.  Need tight definitions of what we want.

Refer to existing codes as examples a lot when dealing with the government.

We have to communicate with them and be honest.

The commissioners are the ones who make the laws, they are the ones we need to reach.


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