Building code

From HSCA Minutes on Building code:

if in the future there is the need to create code to permit alternative construction, look on indigenous architecture subsection, like lava rock, thatching, etc.  Could ask for an exception under section 15-1

recommended to Graham:  Search the Revised statutes for “recycling”. Building materials are a big problem.  Seattle has great ordinances about what has to be done.  Search for the “Zero Waste Plan”

We advocate that generally, the Gov should make minimum guidelines and then have a disclaimer/waiver or variances that they are not responsible for individual choices.  Disclosure could be in the deeds

We need exemptions from building codes, and the need to have architects sign off.

Architects: ask Jeff Darrow more about if the legislation allowing architects to sign off on alternative structures has been passed?

If we go for temporary structures, the regulations are looser.  If we want to make permanent structures, things are tighter.  Selling point is safety, and health of the buildings.  An architech can sign off on odd houses and he takes the safety liability.  Base it on the Ag tourism and the 2050 laws as much as possible.

What types of buildings are covered by “Type 2” Housing?

Answer: Scott recommends making legal Type 2 housing, similar to Type K in Sonoma. They have some guidelines, having to do with health and safety.

If something like the New Mexico law is deemed as the best approach – what do you think needs to be done with it to make it stronger?

New laws:  need to have a clearly defined limitations about what is permissible.  You want to have a strong definition of exactly what you want to do, so the inspectors can know what they are looking for., and how to make sure you are doing it

Always refer to what other people are already doing as a precedent.

John’s notes:

* I would be curious to see some real live examples of approved “experimental site” applications from NM, and perhaps the details in practice would for example mitigate Scott’s concerns about the general nature of the legislation itself.

* Hawaiian homelands may be an already existing “experimental site” opportunity (more after I finish some legal inquiries). It is also a demographic missing from HSCA thus far.


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