Ben Franklin and Renewable Energy

You think because people forgot what Benjamin Franklin invented that it does not exist and can’t be put in place today?

Benjamin Franklin invented the electro-static motor that gives us free-to-produce, renewable energy. His /*working demo model*/ waayyy back then produced only about a single watt of energy from input of raw energy in the atmosphere, but modern models since then produce enough to power a house.

Another similar device is the electro-magnetic motor, models of which have also been used to power cars and houses. These devices use very low energy input to begin rotating a pair of magnets, which then output 100+ times the amount of input energy it took to begin turning them. Plus, once they are turning you don’t need to continue to give them input power, except maybe once every several years or something (there is no such thing as perpetual motion).

These devices need to be introduced to the people who wrote and who read this short-sighted Hawaii energy report. Did they forget what Benjamin Franklin invented over 200 years ago already? Are they corrupt – or just truly unaware that these devices exist?

A Google search will pull up a mountain of information – some very real and valid, and some crackpot stuff – about these devices and the electrical engineers developing modern models.




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