Bamboo Buildings

Leimana Pelton is the guy responsible for the 6 bamboo structures
that Cof H waste management contracted to be built for recycling centers
 around the island. I've asked him to talk about the compromises
he had to make to comply with existing code and what  code changes
would more easily enable him to build future bamboo structures
on the big island.
You can read more about him at
and on
which states:-

Only one Asian bamboo has been included in the uniform building code.

Even though all of the locally grown treated bamboo we use has been
structurally evaluated for strength and resistance to insect and fungal
attack according to the highest standards, they have not yet been
approved for inclusion in the uniform building code. We expect this
will occur within the next two years, one species at a time at a very
high cost. Therefore we are currently offering only “portable” structures
that will none the less last for decades, but don’t require regular
building permits.

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