6. COMMUNITY MISSION STATEMENT. What is the Hedonisia philosophy?

28 Feb

We work to maintain an environment of safety and security on the property. Our community is a home and should be a comfortable, harmonious place to live and work!

community of individuals in hawaii

Our community of individual travelers! June 2016

i) Community of Individuals. We do not infringe upon or discriminate against the lifestyle, characteristics, or choices of anyone who is willing to be a respectful member of the community. Hedonisia welcomes people to make the most of their time here and enjoy everything the property has to offer, as long as they do not make others uncomfortable. 

Everyone is free to do their own thing as long as they respect each others personal space. As a community of individuals, we don't schedule any 'community events'. Socialization happens spontaneously with different individuals doing things together when they feel like it as opposed to feeling like they 'have to' participate!

ii) Eco-Feminist Entrepreneur Community. Our eco-feminist philosophy has led to Hedonisia being recognized as a destination where women from around the world feel very comfortable traveling alone, which is a global issue of its own right. Our community provides a philosophical and practical foundation for female members to become successful entrepreneurs and run Feminist Enterprise businesses of their own!

iii) Intern Community Management Model. The day to day operational tasks are handled by Intern Managers as the Community Director deliberately lives off-site. This system encourages good communication about issues that arise, changes, and progress that is being made. Since the property and its policies are constantly evolving, the director welcomes and encourages new ideas and innovation, allowing each intern the power to make lasting contributions to the community. This management style also encourages self-sufficiency and a willingness to initiate and lead new projects since the director is not there to micro-manage every project. Interns 'graduate' with a unique work and learning experience.

iv) Free Speech Community PhilosophyHedonisia draws in a diverse crowd from around the world. We strive to create an environment that is safe and secure for everyone to stay and enjoy! As an eco-feminist community we attract feminist and environmental activists as well as guests that are passionate about a wide range of social causes as portrayed in the Hedonisia EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio.

It is not uncommon to find yourself with people of differing political views, religious beliefs and sexual orientations.  As a Free Speech Community Hedonisia invites respectful, open and uncensored conversations for all community members. Especially when it comes to satire and comedy we value open communication between adults without automatically taking offense.

When living in a social community such as ours, that is also working on Big Picture issues, it is wonderful to work with friends and yet feel comfortable enough to communicate about any issue at all!

The goal is to strike a balance between respecting each other’s beliefs and sensitivities while at the same time not being overly-censorious to the beliefs that others are expressing. The way we practice this by making a distinction between politeness and censorship.

Anyone on the property is free to say that a word or expression makes them feel personally uncomfortable. As a polite community of individuals, we would expect residents to respect that sensitivity.

However, just because a word or expression is offensive to one person does NOT mean that others will take offense! In fact they may find it very funny! So we apologize for giving personal offense BUT NOT for the words we say.

This method of communication allows our diverse set of guests to feel comfortable expressing themselves, and sharing their views. Guests often engage in meaningful conversations that challenge their personal beliefs, and in many cases personal growth and development emerges from these free-flowing uncensored conversations!

v) Intern Transparency & Privacy. With volunteers and interns, we are respectful of different community members’ sensitivities with regards to working on certain projects and would not ask anyone to work on a project they don't feel comfortable with especially in the Hedonisia Portfolio of Eco-Feminist Web Projects. We simply find areas where our interests overlap and work on those!

When an intern chooses to work on one of our more provocative projects they can also choose whether or not they wish to talk about their project. If they do not want to share the details of that project with anyone that is their prerogative.

vi) Pleasurable Activism! We have divided our web focus projects to respect the different intern sensibilities, boundaries and comfort levels of all applicants. An intern's focus project is their individual contribution to the community. Communication about these subjects is private and with the director to respect the sensibilities of other community members.

For example, one female intern described how excited she was to work on the sex positive feminist projects and she did a fantastic job. However, she would be shy if anyone asked her what her focus was!

This encourages a culture of 'pleasurable activism'. Interns get to work on projects with a bigger impact and yet get to have fun doing so!