– Hawaii Jungle Tips: What to Bring!

Practical Info for green jungle living in the Rainforest!

Jungle Intern in Hawaii
Jungle Queen Intern Sierra!

A rainforest is lush and green and beautiful but it has challenges! We hope that these Hawaii Jungle Tips will help make your vacation in the Hawaiian rainforest an amazing enjoyable experience.

There are many advantages to living in the rain forest, including the abundance of tropical plants, birds, flowers, fruit, etc. However, the reality of living in a rain forest also includes noisy frogs, mosquitos, an extremely humid climate that's conducive to mold, and lots and lots of rain!

You are entering a rainforest area so make friends with the rain. You will get a little wet!

  1. Mosquito Repellant! Hawaii mosquitos are pretty mellow compared to places like rural Wisconsin and Alaska. There are not so many from November to February but they are there! So bring a natural mosquito repellant.
  2. Smartphone Flashlight: Bring waterproof LED flashlight or a smart phone with a flashlight app! An Iphone or other smart phone with a flashlight provides more than enough light for you to get around. Plus it is much more eco-friendly! Too many people bring normal flashlights and then leave them (and the dead batteries!) when they depart. Using a phone light is also much cheaper and eco!
  3. Lights Jackets for Cool Jungle! Though we live in a rainforest jungle it can sometimes get a little chilly in the night because we are at a higher elevation. This is especially true during the months of November to March. So bring at least a couple of warm outfits. Also socks both for warmth and for mosquito protection and a lightweight tropical waterproof rain-jacket.
  4. Ear plugs for Coquí Frogs! Though Coqui frogs are a native of Puerto Rico, they bring a rich jungle sound. Guests say that the sound gives them a feeling of tropical ambience! However, the frogs can be pretty loud during the night. This hasn't been issue for the majority of our guests, some people even claim it helps them sleep better. Other folks need ear plugs at night!
  5. Eco-Friendly Gadgets: We are trying our best to be an ecological low-impact and low cost vacation hostel. With this in mind, please bring items and gadgets that are rechargeable rather than just battery operated.
  6. Eco-Soaps and Detergents.  We supply Eco-Nuts Soap as part of our $5 Laundry Service. However, please bring biodegradable soap, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste this grey water feeds our decorative plants.
  7. New Pillows. We provide bedding. However, due to our Rainforest climate we use a lot of pillows as they tend to absorb moisture and get damp rather quickly. Unlike sheets and blankets, pillows can't be washed, they eventually start smelling musty and must be thrown out. So, to be absolutely sure you have a fresh smelling pillow, please bring your own pillow!
  8. Rainforest Mold and Damp: If we lived in the desert our challenge would be dust and heat! However, we live in the Rainforest so our challenge is damp and mold! If you have an extreme sensitivity or allergy to damp or mold then bring the medicines you will need to deal with mold.
  9. Volunteer & Intern Work Shoes & Clothes. If you are working as Volunteer or Intern then some tough water resistant shoes or boots for working would be a perfect purchase!
  10. Computer/Laptop. If you are working on any of our Mind Work projects as a Volunteer or Intern we recommend you bring a laptop with you as we only have limited laptops for community use!

Fantasy versus Reality. One of the most important things you can bring is an open and learning attitude to living in the jungle! Visitors often have a fantasy of what it means to live in the jungle. The reality can sometimes send them into shock! Especially city folk. We provide a level of comfort in our lodgings here that is comfortable quirky and eco-friendly but it is not up to the 'standards' of a city hotel.

This is not a Disneyland idea of a jungle, we live in a genuine jungle! There are mosquitos and ants, there is rain, lots of it, there are coqui frogs that sing in the night, it is damp and there is jungle mold that grows naturally.

One you let that reality sink in then you can indulge in your fantasy! Our community is also green and lush, fruit trees are abundant, the air is soft, the weather perfectly mild! Your skin will feel moist and wonderful.

So please prepare what you need to ensure you will enjoy your stay in the rain forest. And the key with that is mental preparation.

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