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The Activist Entrepreneur Instructional eBook

Using Activist Entrepreneur principles to address challenges in the planet and to create meaningful jobs!

Capitalism is supposed to be the embodiment of efficiency of which sustainability is a key component. Capitalism is not necessarily about destroying the Mother Earth or exploiting workers with money as the only motive. When one engages with capitalism in a positive, sustainable way, a whole new picture of its potential emerges. Because sustainability is critical in the Positive Capitalism model, workers must needs be treated fairly and the environment demands protection of its own accord.

Traditionally young people rail against 'The System', want revolution to start with a 'clean slate' and see the world in very stark black and white. Since Marx, young idealists and progressives have railed against the capitalist system with a focus on it very real faults. However, trade is the oldest of human enterprises and has great potential for good as well as corporate evil.

Young people have then started political revolutions, often accompanied by a great deal of blood shed in order to start fresh. The Communist revolutions of China and Russia, the Islamic revolution in Iran, the French Revolution. All had millions of idealistic youth doing a lot of killing and dying to create a 'perfect society'.

However, in the Age of the Internet with its limitless potential, the youth of today have an opportunity to be different.

In a time of high youth unemployment, few opportunities and student debt, young people would serve themselves and the world better by making money in ethical activist businesses aligned with their values. Then they can play the same role as the oil companies do now, except they will be lobbying for good causes!

The marijuana movement used business to slowly but surely change the laws regarding weed. They used capitalism to change the system from within the system! It took decades but now America, a conservative 'War Against Drugs' nation, has legal marijuana!

Every ethical business should have politics ingrained into the DNA of it's company operations and Mission Statement. Businesses are meant to be around for a long time and it takes forever to change laws in a democratic system.

This is why corporations and democracy work so well together for good and bad causes. It is also why we don't want the Koch brothers, oil companies, chemical companies and Big Pharma doing all the lobbying because they are can afford it as 'the cost of doing business'!

Non-profits will never have the lobbying power of Big Pharma and their ilk! The key is to get good corporations in. Green corporations. Feminist corporations. Ethical Sex Positive corporations. Fund raising and lobbying events will be totally different!

There is already a Solar and Wind lobby because they are making money! There are young tech guys, the founders of Google, Apple, Paypal, Hotmail, Microsoft etc who have done some bad things but also supported very good causes. We need pragmatic feminist women founders!<

Evolution can create revolution but it seldom works the other way around!

At Hedonisia, we work within the system on feminist, environmental and other socially progressive causes, both locally and internationally. We do this through creative activist entrepreneurship.

Through hard work and experimentation we have developed a practical set of guidelines and ideas that have allowed us to continue to evolve and grow over the years and which can be applied to any ethical that 'wants to change the world'.

Honest Business Practices
  • Personal Balance (Pleasurable Activism!)
  • Ethical Accounting
  • Government Relations & Permits
  • Honest Customer Service & Business Relations

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  • a) The Activist Entrepreneur: An instructional ebook on how to create a business which as a core part of it's products or services, is working through the political system to create changes in the law to promote a socially progressive, feminist or environmental cause. This ebook is for those who live in an urban area and wish to create an Urban 'micro-community'.
  • bThe Hedonisia Handbook: Through hard work and experimentation, we have developed a practical set of guidelines, material and ideas that have allowed us to evolve and grow over the years into a sustainable feminist community based on ecotourism and activist enterprise.

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