TASTE OF HEDONISIA! Community Living with our Weekly Monthly Specials!

For those who wish to enjoy a longer stay at Hedonisia, we offer reduced rates. Our Weekly Monthly Specials are Lodgings where Guests contribute one Community Support Volunteer Shift of 3 hours per week of stay.

Working only one shift a week allows a lot of time to be able to enjoy your vacation in Hawaii! Guests really like it because it gives them a chance to feel like part of the community, and not just a 'tourist'!

Family Community Support Shift in Hawaii
Weekly Guests Shanon & Cori. Excellent Community Support Shift volunteers!

Working in a social community environment often leads to a deeper social experience with interns, volunteers and other guests who are on the property.

Volunteer work will usually consist of outdoor body work (weeding and landscaping) or indoor cleaning work.

However, we try to give volunteer task that taps into a guest's experience and interests so they feel that they have made a more meaningful community contribution. Simply let us know in your application if you have any special Body, Brain or Heart work skills and we'll see what we can do!

Under the Weekly/Monthly plan, guests can choose either one 3-hour shift on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or two Aloha Monday and Friday shifts of 1.5 hours each.

Weekly/Monthly Lodging options!

Cottage, Bungalow, and Cabin

Two-Bed Shared Spaces

Private Eco-Huts or Tents

Private Camping

i) Choice of Lodgings.
Unlike Volunteers or Interns, who stay at designated lodgings on the property, Taste of Hedonisia Guests can choose the space they desire when making their reservation. Assuming space is available, they can 'lock-in' that lodging for their entire stay. In other words, the monthly special is ideal for those who want stability and don't want to move around!

ii) Monthly Rentals. Please note that we calculate a monthly rental for 4 weeks or 28 days!

iii) Value of Community Support Shift: A Community Support Shift is valued at $20 per person. So if you don't want to work you can simply pay the fee and enjoy another relaxing day in paradise!

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Weekly/Monthly Guests & Fair-Trade Volunteers.
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