1. Would you like to enjoy a working vacation in Hawaii for two months up to one year?
  2. Would you like to learn about sustainable community management and social enterprise?
  3. Would you like to enjoy a ‘work week’ of two days which ‘pays’ for your lodgings in paradise?
Intern Community Manager in Hawaii

Katarina – 2013-4 Community Manager Intern

If so then you might be interested in being an Intern Sustainable Community Manager in Hawaii! This unique Internship gives you practical training and insight into the inner workings of an intentional community.

To be truly sustainable, a community must be economically viable, generating enough income from activities that are aligned with community values to grow and evolve. Our community is based on ecotourism and web based social enterprise. We are also support various social and environmental causes as part of our business plan, both locally and internationally.

One former Intern speaks of their experience here: “Managing at Hedonisia has taught me a lot about effective ways of managing human behavior. Hedonisia is an example of a business that is changing the rules by playing by the rules.”

Community Management Intern Benefits

This is NOT a job so we don’t pay a salary! However, the benefits you receive are such that a self motivated couple or individual can use this position as a foundation from which to settle or to create opportunities in Hawaii and elsewhere.

  1. 2-Day Work Week!  You get free lodgings in Hawaii for only two full work days a week (three days for couples)! American Intern applicants have a two-day ‘work week’ which allows the time to find different opportunities on the island to earn extra income or simply to enjoy your Hawaii time!
  2. Accommodations Included. Please visit our Community Intern FAQ for more info on the various rustic ‘jungle lodgings’ that are available for Community Management Interns, both couples and singles.
  3. Tropical Garden Produce. Interns have unlimited access to the Hedonisia gardens which produce a number of edible crops depending on the season. (Approx. value: $60 per month)
  4. Living in Paradise! Yes that is a real benefit! The Puna region of Hawaii is beautiful, lush green, alternative, New Age, wacky, Pagan, eccentric and eco-friendly! We try to stay on earth at Hedonisia but we love living in our little island paradise!
  5. Free Laundry. Two free laundry loads a week valued at $40 per month.
  6. The Hedonisia Handbook is the training manual for all applicants and is included with the cost of application.

Foreign and US Student Interns Welcome! We can work with US Students needing certification and foreign J1 Visa applicants. However, the requirements are different. Find out more . . .

Community Management Intern Requirements & Specialties

  • a) Idealistic but Pragmatic. Our ideal Community Interns are ambitious people who want to use their time at Hedonisia to further their own goals and dreams of improving society and/or the environment. Unlike other communities, we emphasize ‘Mind Work’.
  • b) Education & Enthusiasm for Learning. We do love candidates who have at least some post secondary education. It does not matter if you didn’t complete your degree or training. Simply to have done any post secondary education is enough!. We have noticed that a person who continues to learn in their twenties rather than dropping out of high school in their teens is much easier to work with and train. While we can accept someone as an intern who did not complete high school it is necessary for them to show exceptional enthusiasm for learning!
  • c) Self Motivation. Though you will have a support team of other community members and the directors, self motivated individuals will find much to make them busy on their work shifts! We encourage social entrepreneurs but are happy when people simply make connections and friends during their time at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community!
  • d) Community Members not ‘Union’ Workers. We do receive applications from individuals who are not self motivated. They do only that which they are told to do and simply wait around for instructions. We call people like that ‘Union Workers’. We can accept union workers as fair-trade volunteers on a short stay. However, union worker types do not make good Community Management Interns.
  • e) Communication: This position is ideal for someone with great communication skills as you will be communicating with volunteers, the Directors and the other Community Interns regarding various physical and web based projects.
  • f) Volunteers: You will be working with volunteers on projects to keep the property maintained, key point person for volunteers on property. The Intern Community Members works with the owner and other members to coordinate volunteer creative and beautification projects.

Hedonisia Sustainable Community Internship Specialties

Work Balance. Our Internship is designed for those who like a balanced approach to work. We have divided our volunteer jobs into heart Body, Heart and Mind work! It is a core element of our balanced approach to community management. 

If you complete the training and are offered a position as Sustainable Community Management Intern, you will be responsible for the normal community managing duties.

However, each Intern has an opportunity to choose a few specialties according to their unique skills and interests from the Heart, Body Mind list below. These will be their focus projects which they get to work on as part of their normal community manager duties. 

  • 1) BODY Work Focus: Focus on Gardens, Tree Farming, Community Repairs, Landscaping & Beautification.
  • 2) HEART Work Focus: Focus on Creative Work Projects. If you are someone who works really well with people then we consider that ‘heart work’!
  • 3) MIND Work Focus: Focus on our environmental, political and social enterprise projects.

To find out more about being a Sustainable Community Management Intern click on the following links:

  1. Lodging & Training FEES
  2. Community Intern ALUMNI
  3. Community Intern FAQ

You can also inquire & reserve by calling us during Hawaii time! 808-430-9903