Residential Intern Community Manager in Hawaii!

    1. Would you like to enjoy a working vacation in Hawaii for three weeks up to one year?
    2. Would you like to learn how to manage a sustainable community in Hawaii?
    3. Would you like a two-day ‘work week’ which ‘pays’ for your lodgings in paradise?
Interns in Hawaii

2013 Interns in Hawaii: Jordie & Fiona

If so then you might be interested in being an Intern Sustainable Community Manager in Hawaii! This unique Internship gives you practical training and insight into the inner workings of an intentional community.

To be truly sustainable, a community must be economically viable, generating enough income from activities that are aligned with community values to grow and evolve. Our community is based on ecotourism and social enterprise. We work on feminist, environmental and other socially progressive causes as part of our business plan, both locally and internationally. One former Intern speaks of their experience here: “Hedonisia is an example of a business that is changing the rules by playing by the rules.”

Foreign and US Student Interns Welcome! We can work with US Students needing certification and foreign J1 Visa applicants. However, the requirements are different. Find out more . . .


Your Intern Fee includes training and lodgings at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community for 3 weeks for an applicant who has been accepted as an Intern Community Manager Trainee. Most applicants who complete the training and are approved as Intern Community Managers will stay at that position anywhere from a month up to a year! With a work ‘week’ of only two full shifts to ‘pay’ for your stay in Hawaii you can be an Intern as long as you are fulfilling your duties and enjoying your stay!

 1: Fair-Trade Volunteer $100 $150 1st week
 2: Manager Shadow Training $100 $150 2nd week
 3: Intern Tryout Week $100 $150 3rd week
 4: Processing Fee (non-refundable) $50 $75 n/a
 5: Intern Community Manager (if accepted)  $0  $0  up to 1 year
 TOTAL Cost (incl. Lodging)  All prices include Hawaii GE Tax $350 $525

Intern Sustainable Community Manager FAQ: 

For quick questions call us during Hawaii business hours: 808-430-9903. We are happy to answer quick questions but we also require that you be familiar about this unique internship by reading the Frequently Asked Questions about this program.

Online Application Form for Volunteer or Internship:

If you think you’re ready to be an Intern Community Manager in Hawaii you can Apply Now!

You can also inquire & reserve by calling us during Hawaii time! 808-430-9903