Volunteer Opportunities in Hawaii

Community 'Volun-Tourism' in the Hawaiian Rainforest!

Eco-Community Volunteer Tourism Options

Volunteer in Hawaii - work trade

Hedonisia Volunteers in Hawaii!

Voluntourism or volunteer tourism is a great way to reduce the cost of your stay by having a 'working vacation'.

We live in a tropical rain forest so there's always plenty of land work for those who want to have a physical workout! And for those who like to clean we are in the rainforest so we are always trying to keep things clean and tidy!

Our 'voluntourism' options give you the choice to volunteer 3, 12 hours or 28 hours a a week depending on your budget and how much time you want to enjoy Hawaii!

We offer different options for those who wish to contribute more or less work in exchange for a discounted stay at our community in Hawaii


Types of Volunteer & Intern Work

  • BODY Work! - Physical jobs for volunteers and interns!
  • HEART Work! - Creative jobs for volunteers and interns!
  • MIND Work! - Hedonisia is one of the few communities in Hawaii where you can use your brains in the rain forest! Interns only.

Additional Hawaii Work Trade Info:

Usually volunteers do Heart and Body work. Interns, who are often staying longer, get to work more on the Mind projects!

Skilled Interns or Volunteer in Hawaii

A Volunteer or Intern with special skills can contribute their skilled trades to help with upkeep of our buildings and retreat facilities. These are some of the ongoing Special Skills Categories we usually have a need for:

Volunteers, Interns and Guests Online Application

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