Hawaii Cottage, Bungalow and Cabin!

Hawaii Cottage, Bungalow and Cabin (with Electricity)

Our little Hawaii cottage is the most comfortable of the lodgings we offer. However, for those who like glamorous camping or 'glamping', these lodgings offer just the right amount of rustic jungle and comfort!

Rainbow Mural on Jungle Cottage

Jungle Cottage

  • $95 Nightly,
  • $475: Weekly,
  • $895: Monthly
Kahuna Cabin King Bed in Hawaii

Kahuna Cabin

  • $75: Nightly,
  • $375: Weekly,
  • $795: Monthly
 Bamboo Bungalow Bed

Bamboo Bungalow

  • $65: Nightly,
  • $325: Weekly,
  • $650: Monthly

Special Hut (hale) without electricity

Ocean View Bird Eye View

Ocean View

  • $60: Nightly,
  • $300: Weekly,
  • $650: Monthly

The above Hawaii lodgings at our eco-community are available under the following options:

  1. Green Vacation Rental Nightly Rates: Book this lodging at our nightly rates on, HedonisiaHawaii.com our green vacation rental website.
  2. Taste of Hedonisia’ Weekly & Monthly Specials: Weekly and Monthly Guests are required to contribute one Community Support volunteer work shift per week of stay.

All prices include 13.42% Hawaii G.E. & T.A. Taxes