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Portfolio of Feminist Entrepreneur Web Projects!

EcoFeminist Writing & Research

Hannah - EcoFeminist Writing & Research Focus

Hedonisia has evolved into a sustainable community based on eco-feminist and C.A.F.E. Enterprise principles.

Most visitors will enjoy a stay here and have no idea about the web based projects that are managed by our community!

As well as offering Eco-tourist jungle lodgings, we also work on a number of Feminist Entrepreneur web projects with a global reach.

Visitors often get confused by this section because of our name Hedonisia and the fact that we define ourselves as a eco-feminist community. To be very clear, ALL of our work on reproductive rights and sex positive feminism is WEB based! Life on the property is rather quiet and tranquil!

Interns are welcome to apply to work on these sites as part of their Mind Work duties! In most cases you will be doing editing, writing, research or creating micro-documentaries for these Feminist Entrepreneur projects. For those with a tech focus, we have design, plugins, SEO, Social Networking work and so on.

As we say in our Mission Statement, we define ourselves as a community of individuals. In line with this philosophy, we have divided our web projects to respect the sensibilities of different applicants! Please be sure to choose the sites that match your interests when you Apply to Be a Community Intern Manager!

1) Our Environmental & Eco-Feminist sites = ECO

These sites are for applicants who are a little more conservative and would like to work on less edgy subjects!

Feminist Entrepreneur Tree Bearing Fruit Feminist Using ethical business practices to create commercial products or services that support gender equality and female empowerment.

 hedo-logo Hedonisia Our  Eco-Hostel & Green Vacation Rental site for those who wish to stay 5 nights or less.

  • Volunteers help to update and take photos for the site.
One of the only Eco-Feminist Communities in the World! Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-CommunityWe encourage & challenge women (and men!) to raise their comfort levels and to be strong and adaptable in our Hawaii community!

2) Reproductive Justice = RR

Warning. This site is is pro-choice when it comes to women's reproductive rights.

Natural Miscarriage: Reproductive Rights for Pregnant Women around the World Reproductive Choice info for women around the world who are facing one of the most challenging decisions of their lives.

3) Sex Positive Feminism = SP

On our Community of Individuals Mission Statement and in our Community FAQ, we draw a strong distinction between our work on the property and on the web. Sorry to disappoint, but we are pretty dull and normal on the property! We are not a sex camp! Our sex positive work is web based and 'sapiosexual'!

Ethical Erotic Entrepreneur Ethical Eropreneur. Royalty free images, ideas and research into female empowering, ethical and entrepreneurial solutions to some of the consequences of dysfunctional sexuality in the world today.

EcoSensual: Natural Birth Control for Lovers - Natural Birth Control. Sensual methods for single women and couples to practice sexy and natural birth control!