Community Support Shift

Family Community Support Shift in Hawaii
Shannon & Cori were weekly guests & excellent Community Support Shift Volunteers!

Hedonisia Hawaii is a community of Interns, Volunteers, and Ecotourist Guests. We are NOT a traditional tourist establishment so our community policies are a little different!

For example, Weekly and Monthly Guests and Virtual Volunteers are required to complete one Community Support day per week as part of their lodging price. This usually consists of a cleaning/weeding volunteer work shift of 3 hours.

The Community Support Day has been a great success with overwhelmingly positive Feedback! Before, visitors often felt like ordinary 'hotel' guests.  This created a little disconnect from the rest of the community, especially during volunteer work hours. Now, Guests are part of the community with one work shift per week.

Many Eco-tourists actually want to do something useful while on holiday. Having one work shift a week gives them a great way to contribute to the community and yet have lots of time to enjoy the island.

However, if you want you can just choose one 3-hour shift on any other day. We are very flexible with choosing you Community Support Shift!

We are also open to work suggestions! For example, someone who is a carpenter might suggest a carpentry project for their community support day.

Guests who pay nightly rates are not required to do a community support day. However, they are welcome to pitch in on a project if they so desire!

A Community Support Shift can be completed in one of two ways:

  1. One single shift from Tuesday to Thursday from 9:30 am - 12:30pm. 
  2. Two 1.5 hour shifts on 'Aloha Monday & Friday' from 10:30am to 12pm noon.

We usually recommend that Guests choose the second option because it allows you to work hard for a short time and then relax! This way it's easier, a better workout and more pleasurable than one long 3-hour shift especially for those who are not used to working physically in the jungle doing land work! This way you can enjoy two lighter workouts with a 'rest' in between!

Just let us know which shift you'd like when you arrive.

Some Guests may not want to work at all during the time they are here and we understand that! After all, we live in paradise! A Community Support Day is valued at $20 per person. So if you don't want to work you can simply pay the fee and then you can completely relax into the soothing lush jungle of Hedonisia!