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Hedonisia Community Intern Partners!

Community Intern Managers can, as part of their intern duties, research into the various eco-feminist projects we work on and choose one that aligns with their values and ideals. If while working on a project, an intern shows really original and creative research and thinking, we might offer them a Hedo Intern Partnership on that project!

In our Feminist Entrepreneur and Ethical Eropreneur websites, we have a number of ideas and proposals for budding Activist Entrepreneurs!

Such was the case with Kesi, a dual Aussie/US national who arrived at Hedonisia in 2016. Kesi cares very much about the issue of sexual violence and abuse against women and wanted to work on the web projects we have that address this issue.

In the Ethical Eropreneur site, she did research and wrote on the Violence & Sex article and the essays on Physical and Sexual Empowerment in the Feminist Entrepreneur.

As a result of her original research and writing we are now collaborating on creating a business plan for Damsels in Defense, an anti-rape device.

This is Herstory:

Interns working in Hawaii

Intern Kesi with Starfruit!

My journey here at Hedonisia began with teary farewells in the city of angels. I said goodbye to my friends, my family, my business, my clients, my apartment and my LA state of mind. All in the hopes of establishing myself here at Hedonisia Hawaii. To me the opportunity and potential that resides here was more than enough motivation to leave it all behind. Before embarking on this trip I did a great deal of research. I was totally decided. 

In order to honor my truth and embrace the lifestyle I believe is best for me and necessary to transform society. I needed to find an sustainable community. Correction not a, “the” community. That is to say the right community for me. When I came across Hedonisia Hawaii it seemed too good to be true. A feminist Eco-Community championing “girl power” and actively supporting female rights around the world. Offering training and experience in managing a hostel, landcare, knowledge of exotic plants, community living, tiny structure repair and construction and all of this in Hawaii? So you can imagine my delight once I arrived to find that Hedonisia delivers on every single point. I have grown immensely here and continue to evolve each day. 

Finally feeling the satisfaction of being able to use a wide range skill set in one venture. There are not many places or circumstances in life that allow one to wear so many hats while providing, supporting, and encouraging community members to be themselves. Dress as yourself, speak as yourself, live as yourself. There is an emphasis on the intentional in the term ‘intentional community’ here. The intention is to change the world for the better. This is best expressed through the entrepreneur aspect of the internship. Here I personally have had the opportunity to do real work addressing and affecting the status quo around the world. Resulting in a wonderful partnership between Mojo and myself developing a new conscious company built on an online system to change the game in women’s self defense. 

I have harboured passion and plans for years to even contribute to a project such as this yet alone head such a project. Continuing to work on this ground breaking enterprise each week is a wonderful reminder of what is important to me on a grand scale of life, and how taking an opportunity with both hands can produce a sweeping effect. Echoing through my life and spilling into the lives of many on a global scale. I am truly inspired by the very nature and foundation of Hedonisia. So much so that the grand dream that brought me here continues to expand ever wider as time goes on. For me Hedonisia has been the springboard to soaring and now that I’ve taken the leap... I see now not even the sky is the limit.