– Community Entrepreneur Coach Sessions!

"You have opened my eyes to a world where ideals can thrive inside reality . . ."
Aaron Colantti (Hedonisia Workshop Participant)

Community Entrepreneur Coach Services

  • Make Your Community Sustainable through Business.
  • Make Your Business Sustainable through Community.
  • Connect your Business to the larger Community.
Community Enterprise Workshop in Hawaii

Community Activist, Feminist & Eco Enterprise Workshop!

Many people want to make a living through work or business that is in alignment with their values.

Starting a business with a quintuple bottom line (Profit, People, Planet, Pleasure and Purpose), allows a person to work towards a solution as part of a sustainable process.  Using our social enterprise web projects as case histories, we show you how!

Our C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur based coaching sessions are useful even if you already have a small business and want make it sustainable by creating a culture of community through social enterprise and activism.

Skype/Facetime Private Consultation Service!

Ask any questions about your activist enterprise ideas. For example, how to turn an existing business into a social enterprise or plans for a creating an intentional community based on social enterprise.

Learn the ropes on how to start and manage a community based activist or feminist enterprise by taking one of our workshops on your next visit to Hawaii.

Introductory Session: $25 – 1/2 Hour

In the first session you can talk about your ideas and ask us any questions you wish. It also gives us a chance to chat with you. We do not want to work with a client who we don’t feel will benefit from our coaching sessions. And we want you to feel that you will benefit from these coaching sessions.

Once you have purchased your Introductory Session click here for your Community Coaching Appointment Form where you can ask questions and schedule your Skype/Facetime Introductory Session.

Activist & Community Entrepreneur Business Coaching Packages

If you feel after the Introductory session that you will benefit from the Activist Entrepreneur Business Coaching Sessions we offer, you may sign up for any of the following packages:

  1. Single Session: $100
  2. 3-Session Package: $250
  3. 5-Session Package: $400

Each session is just over 60 minutes including a small break. Sessions will be conducted using Facetime or Skype.

C.A.F.E. Enterprise Virtual Membership is included with any coaching package. You will be using the following ebooks as a reading resource to accompany your coaching sessions:

  1. The Hedonisia Handbook on Sustainable Community Management
  2. The Activist Entrepreneur Social Enterprise Business Philosophy.

To make an appointment for a private coaching session:

  1. Telephone: 808-269-2825
  2. Skype: mojohawaii

C.A.F.E. Community Entrepreneur Coach Sessions in Hawaii!

A Working & Educational Vacation that can qualify as a business expense! 

We can conduct your coaching sessions virtually through Facetime or Skype. However, those who wish to enjoy a Working Holiday can also have their coaching sessions on site at our community in Hawaii!

    1. Rain Forest Community Lodgings. Dorm spaces are shared with only one other person of the same gender. Couples can enjoy a private space or one of the private camping options on the property.
    2. Food and Flights: Coaching participants are responsible for their own flight to Hawaii and must budget for their food needs!
    3. Hedonisia Food GardensAs part of your Lodging Fee you are able to freely harvest from our tropical gardens!