Community Activist Feminist Environmental Entrepreneur Program

  • Enjoy Business with Aloha as a CAFE Entrepreneur!
  • Live Actively and Pleasurably through Conscious Capitalism!
  • A community model for social entrepreneurs in the city or in the country!

Pleasurable Activist & CAFE Entrepreneur!

A C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur embodies community, activism, feminism and environmentalism as part of their business plan to create a product or service that, in a concrete way, improves society or the world we live in.

There are many who would like to start a business and work in alignment with their values. Hedonisia has developed a model of urban or rural community living that allows you to do just that!

Here is how we apply the CAFE Entrepreneur model at Hedonisia Hawaii:

  • Community: Hedonisia Hawaii is a community based micro-business that does not have employees. Our business model attracts like minded people creating a free floating community of volunteers and interns who come to Hawaii and contribute to our eco-tourism work and portfolio of CAFE Enterprise web projects that we manage in our 'community of individuals'!
  • ActivistAn activist entrepreneur works to change the law as part of their business activities. They can do so by lobbying or by creating products or services that challenges unjust laws. As Hedonisia, we are active in working through the local political system to create a legal foundation for sustainable communities in Hawaii and a precedent for others to do the same elsewhere.
  • Feminist: At the Hedonisia Community, we implemented policies and practices incorporating social justice, equality for women through our community business operations as described in our Eco-Feminist Community page.
  • Environmental: A CAFE Enterprise should try to reduce, reuse and recycle at every level it of its business practices. Not only is it good for the planet but it is also good for the bottom line! Our community derives most of it income through eco-tourism and we adopt environmental principles at every stage of our business operations.

Hedo C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur Services

Even as a micro-business, we are able to embody Community Activist Feminist & Environmental principles and earn enough to continually grow and evolve our business model:

  1. Sustainable Community Manager Internship. One of the most effective ways to learn the C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur program is by actually managing a social enterprise community as part of our intern team! We even act as a start-up incubator for interns with a C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur idea of their own!
  2. Hedonisia Eco-Feminist Entrepreneur Portfolio: C.A.F.E. Business Web Projects managed by the Hedonisia Community
  3. C.AF.E. Entrepreneur Business Coach Services: Practical online one on one coaching sessions on how to create a C.A.F.E. Enterprise.
  4. Hedonisia Handbook & Activist Entrepreneur eBooks & Membership. You can be a member even if you don't travel to Hawaii! Members gain access to our continually updated eBooks!

Hedonisia Virtual Community Member Resources

Sign up as a Hedonisia C.A.F.E. Virtual Community Member. As part of your membership you receive access to the following online resources:

  • a) The Activist Entrepreneur: An instructional ebook on how to create a business which as a core part of it's products or services, is working through the political system to create changes in the law to promote a socially progressive, feminist or environmental cause. This ebook is for those who live in an urban area and wish to create an Urban 'micro-community'.
  • bThe Hedonisia Handbook: Through hard work and experimentation, we have developed a practical set of guidelines, material and ideas that have allowed us to evolve and grow over the years into a sustainable feminist community based on ecotourism and activist enterprise.

$9.95 for 2 years access. This is a one-time payment.