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Mojo Mustapha - Community Director & Founder

Mojo on body work in hawaii

Mojo moving Strawberry Guava at Hedonisia

Mojo was born in England of Indian heritage with parents from Trinidad.

He studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at in Canada. After university, he started traveling. He lived in many community settings around the world. An Israeli Kibbutz, a Japanese 'Gaijin House', a tantric community near Amsterdam and an Ashram in India were among the many alternative communities he was fortunate to have participated in.

When Mojo started Hedonisia Hawaii as a rainforest eco-hostel in 2004, it was a struggle to clean up the junk and trash on the land left by the previous owner. Nevertheless the concept of community based eco-tourism was an immediate success with visitors coming from around the world to enjoy the natural beauty of our land.

However, Mojo was not satisfied with settling down in a beautiful eco-hostel in paradise!

Over time, Hedonisia slowly evolved from an eco-hostel to a community based on sustainable tourism and eco-feminism. In addition to eco-tourism, our community manages web projects that focus on women’s reproductive, economic, physical and intellectual empowerment.

Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community!

SPP Volunteer in Portland

Mojo Volunteer! SPP Booth, Portland

Mojo currently lives part time in Portland, one of the most sex positive cities in America as well as one of the most feminist. (The two ARE connected!)

As a result, it provides one of the most conducive environments to work on the Hedonisia Eco-Feminist Web Portfolio!

Mojo is a member and volunteer at Sex Positive Portland. The non-profit SPP, was created in 2009, and has grown quickly to become one of the most ethical, sexually progressive umbrella organizations with 13 chapters around the world and Portland as it's center.

Mojo currently works with volunteers and hosts discussion groups on on Sex Positive Feminism, based on material from Feminist Entrepreneur and Ethical Eropreneur which are part of our Eco-Feminist Community Web Portfolio.

Pleasurable Activism & Ethical Entrepreneurship. Respect for Personal Boundaries and Consent. By Mojo Mustapha

Hedonisia is a 'community of individuals' that respects each consenting adult's life choices as long as they don't encroach upon the rights of others.

Because Hawaii is relatively conservative when it comes to non-monogamous relationships, we have strict respect for personal boundaries. This is demonstrated in our Sexual Harassment & Dating Guidelines.

As Community Director of Hedonisia, I set for myself an even higher standard than other community members. Our eco-feminist projects can deal with mature subject matter. So to ensure space and separation, I work part of the year at our Apartment 'micro-community' in Portland OR!

I am a Pleasurable Activist and Ethical Non-Monogamist'! So I enjoy living in Portland, one of the most feminist and sexually progressive cities in the world. It allows me the freedom to enjoy polyamory with like minded friends!

Hedonisia is a living experiment. As we continue to evolve, we will bring a more sensual and pleasure centric focus to our community. Hence the reason for our building of social bridges to Portland! However, that is a long way off! For the next few years we will continue to be a great eco-tourist community offering quirky lodgings and wonderful 'VolunTourism Programst' !
Mojo Mustapha