Hedonisia Community FAQ

Hedonisia Hawaii is not your typical vacation rental offering affordable guest lodgings in Hawaii. We try to be different in almost every aspect of our community operations! To learn more about what we do or simply to get some practical info before making your reservation please click on any of the questions below:

I) Hedonisia Community Policies

1. FOOD STORAGE. Is there a Refrigerator and Private Food Storage?

Yes, you have an assigned a private space in the community refrigerator and a personal dry food space. However, the space is limited and we encourage you not to 'over buy' food. To discourage ants or other critters, we encourage you to store your food in sealed containers.

2. WiFi, TV & VIDEO GAMES. Does the community have WiFi or TV? What is the policy on video games?

WiFi is not as fast as on the mainland but we have decent coverage in the community areas. We recommend that you use your cell phone data plan if you wish to enjoy internet when you are in your lodgings.

In the past, we have had a TV. Unfortunately, it was not always the best experience because of these problems:

  • Sports watching.
  • Video Game Playing
  • TV addiction non-stop!

These issues tended to occur more with guys whose continual playing created a disconnected atmosphere for others inside the community hang out areas.

As an eco-feminist community we respect the feminine spirit and energy. And women have consistently been against sports, video games and endless TV watching!

3. SMOKING. What is the Community Smoking Policy?

Our Smoking Temple has a view of our Jungle Crater!Hedonisia Hawaii is a Community of Individuals. With that in mind, we try to balance the rights of smokers and non-smokers. There is a Smoking Temple near the common area.

We ask that smokers be respectful of non-smokers and to refrain in other areas of the property with the exception of the Smoking Temple due to fire hazards and the littering of cigarette butts in nature.

While the Community Directors are not smokers, we recognize that the second hand smoke from an SUV is much more deadly than second hand smoke from a smoker! The fact that only smokers receive social opprobrium suggests strongly there is a double standard and we ask everyone to respect the personal choices of all individuals in the community.

4. PETS. What is your Pet Policy?
Moon Garden Cat in Hawaii

Our Cat Cleo in the Moon Garden

We currently have three chickens and two cats on the property. In order to maintain animal and community harmony, we do NOT accept pets except for a night on an emergency or humanitarian basis.

The only exception is official Service or Guide dogs or other service animal. Any Guest, Volunteer or Intern wishing to bring a service animal must have the appropriate official documentation proving their status.

In any event, Hawaii has strict quarantine laws which makes coming here with pets a bit more challenging than traveling around the mainland.

5. VISITORS. Can someone visit me or enjoy an overnight visitor stay with me?

Many hostels and communities do not allow overnight guests. We do but with the following guidelines:

  1. DAY VISITORS: If you invite someone on the property you are responsible for ensuring that they abide by ALL Visitor Regulations which are posted in The Barn. All Visitors must clean up after themselves. We hate cleaning up after a Visitor!
  2. Do not bring Visitors here with the expectation that they have a place to stay as a Volunteer. Spontaneous visitors can only pay to stay as Nightly Guests. They must first complete the Community Participation Application Form before we will accept them as a volunteer or intern if space is available.
  3. No Visitors after 9pm unless okayed by the Community Directors.
  4. ALL Visitors must pay $5 for use of the internet.

6. BABIES & CHILDREN. Can we bring our baby or child(ren) with us if we wish to stay at Hedonisia?

Unfortunately, Hedonisia Hawaii is not well suited for babies or children due to the volcanic crater on the property and the sensual 'hedonisia style' art and murals that adorn many of our lodgings and facilities.

We, therefore, cannot host a family with children for more than 5 nights unless they are staying in the Jungle Cottage. Compassion for children is our first thought so we will not turn parents away who show up without a reservation.

However, parents must understand that this is primarily a community with adults.

Parents with children can only stay for up to 5 nights as Nightly Guests with a Signed Parental Liability Release in addition to the usual Guest Registration Form.

7. JUNGLE KITCHEN. What are the community food preparation policies?

kitchen jungle stove Please be courteous of others by washing up as you go along, as Volunteers and guests need to cook too. That way, by the time your food is cooked, most of your dishes are done. This makes it much more efficient for the next person who is waiting to use the kitchen.

At high season it can be very frustrating if people can't eat until 10pm at night. Ideally, 2 people at a time, 30 minutes cook time, clean up before sitting to eat for the next 2 to come in and cook.

Peak cooking times are around 8-9:30 am -12-2pm and 6-8pm. If you are able to cook around those times you will often have the kitchen to yourself!

As a community of individuals we respect everyone’s dietary choices as long as it does not overly impose on another! For practical reasons, we cannot separate utensils. However, it's never been much of an issue as most people just use the kitchen around each other by communicating their needs. Carnivores and vegetarians must learn to live together!

8. PERSONAL BELONGINGS. How Secure are my Personal Possessions at Hedonisia?

We do have a security camera system at strategic points on the property. And our Intern system ensures that there is always someone present in the community so we have very few incidents of theft.

At present we have no private lockers. Guests may store valuables with the Manager in The Barn. We do encourage guests to be responsible for their personal property and valuables.

The biggest problem is Guests or Volunteers leaving their possessions lying around in communal spaces such as The Barn. When someone is cleaning if they find a personal item then they will place it in the Lost & Found Zone which is also the Donation Zone! So Please keep personal items with you or in your living quarters accommodation. Keeping the community areas free of personal items allows uncluttered space for additional activities such as yoga, watching a movie or relaxing.

9. COMMUNITY RESERVATIONS. How should we reserve a space?

Hedonisia is a small community eco-hostel containing 12 rental spaces with a capacity of 18 persons. And we like it that way! We only have 12 rental spaces on the property and our maximum population is 18 persons. Thus, we recommend making your community reservations as soon as you know your flight dates because Hedonisia we can get booked rather quickly!


It is okay for you to change your date of arrival or departure. First date change is free subject to availability. However, for subsequent Date-Changes we charge a Fee of $20 subject to availability.

For a full breakdown go to the Hedonisia Reservation Info & Cancelation Policies page.

Our website gives you a lot of information! If you have read enough feel free to Apply Now!

10. ARRIVAL. What are your check-in hours? If I arrive late what should I do?

By car please try to arrive by or after 2PM. Please arrive by or after 2PM. We do prefer check-ins during daylight hours as the property is very beautiful. so it is nice to be able to see it! As well  Also, for some out-of-the-way lodgings such as like Ocean View or Puka Hale, it is easier to see it during the day than it is to so that it is easier to walk at night.

If you already have a reservation an Intern will be ready to greet you. If you are arriving past 10pm be sure to let us know so that an intern stays up to show you the bathroom facilities and your lodgings. Once rested we will give you a full tour of the community facilities the next morning.

Please note that we do have late arrival charges for those who arrive after 10:30pm. We also request that you try to NOT arrive after midnight!

11. JUNGLE FACILITIES! How do electrical, cell phones, water and other community facilities work in the Jungle?
Charging cell phones. The Community Barn is the main area where there are multiple outlets for charging cell phones.
Do people bring any other electronics with them like personal computers, etc? We recommend having a data plan because fast WiFi is a challenge in the rainforest 🙁
Here are some important page links that give more practical pics and info about our rainforest community:

12. NIGHTTIME. What are your Late Check-in or Quiet times?

We do not have a curfew, guests and volunteers are free to come and go as they please. However we do have a Quiet Time that begins at 10:30PM on weekdays and 11PM on weekends. This does not mean guests have to go to bed by those times, it just means that the community should be quieter in the evenings and early morning out of respect for our neighbors and other guests.

Restroom and showers are open 24 hours. However please do not cook after 10:30PM on weekdays and 11:30PM on weekends. The barn is a communal space and we have neighbors so please try to be respectful of quiet times!

II) Hedonisia Community Philosophy

1. HEDONISIA NAME. Why is your community called Hedonisia?

Hedonisia & Hedonism Hawaii! 

Many people get confused because our name Hedonisia is very similar to Hedonism III, an Adult Resort located in Jamaica. To clarify, while we are a community where adults meet and romances can start, we are NOT a sex resort!

To most visitors, Hawaii is a tropical paradise. Put on a bikini, sip on a Mai Tai and rub some lotion on. It is hard not to think of our lush rainforest location as a sensual paradise! However, on Sunday, you only have to peek in any of the hundreds of churches dotted all over this tiny state to discover that, under the swaying coconut trees, Hawaii is quite a conservative and Christian state.

Positive sex movements or communities are often seen by the local population as 'hippie' and usually frowned upon. So we are careful not to offend local sensibilities by being too provocative or sexy at our community!

We do want to be a different kind of eco-tourist establishment in Hawaii while at the same time being a community that welcomes 'normal' tourists looking for a nice eco-friendly place to stay.

It is a delicate balance to create a place where love can happen but also where personal boundaries and individual space is respected. But based on our testimonials and reviews, we think we have found that balance!

For example, we provide the ambience and backdrop for love to happen. All over the community, we have sensual murals and art. We created cozy eco-friendly 'love shacks' that are sturdy and secluded for our guests! Couples enjoy it here because we provide such a supportive environment for love!

Think of the Hedonisia community as a swan serenely gliding across a lake. To any observer, it looks beautiful and calm. But beneath the water's surface, it's webbed feet are furiously pedaling away!

Our sex positive feminist projects are web based, NOT on the property! Many Guests or Volunteers will stay at our community in the Hawaiian rain forest and have a wonderful vacation with no idea that we also manage a portfolio of web projects on reproductive rights and sex positive feminism that have a global reach!

We are 'pleasurable activists' and proud of it! Those who are interested in the work we do 'beneath the surface', are welcome to apply to be an Intern Community Manager where they can work on the websites in our community portfolio as part of their intern duties.

Aside from being LGBTQ friendly, we also provide a holiday retreat for those who practice polyamory or are ethically non-monogamous. As Hawaii itself evolves into a more liberal state, our community will change and evolve too!

We understand that it is difficult for poly people to holiday with their partner(s)! Many places are highly judgmental of those who choose to live outside the confines of monogamy. We are not!

However, because Hedonisia is primarily an eco-tourist community with 'normal' volunteers and guests, we do not host any sex positive events or workshops at the community.

While Hawaii is still evolving, the city or Portland OR is one of the most sex positive cities on the planet with all sorts of events, communities, workshops and activities. It is at the crest of the new Sexual Revolution 2.0!

It is our long term goal to bring more of Portlandia's magic to Hedonisia! As part of that slow process, the Community Director, Mojo lives part of the year at our micro-community in Portland and is a volunteer and blogger at Sex Positive Portland.

2. ECO-FEMINIST IDEALS. How does Hedonisia apply eco-feminist ideas in the community?

Our commitment to Ecofeminism is evident in the Hedo Portfolio of Feminist Entrepreneur web projects dealing with the matters of reproductive rights and eco-friendly natural birth control as well as other eco-feminist principles we practice on the community.

3. COMMUNITY FRIENDS & DONATIONS. How can I support this community and the work you are doing?

Hedonisia will always have an eco-tourist component as we love to host visitors from around the world. Many visitors over the years have become good friends. In fact, Mojo the Community Director, has met 'ex-Hedonisians' in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Portland, New York and Toronto!

As well as offering eco-friendly lodgings, Hedonisia is very active in socially progressive causes through our portfolio of eco-feminist web projects.

Volunteers or Interns who have worked on and care deeply about these projects are given Friends of Hedonisia status! In other words, they become Community Members and Friends who then have priority over other applicants if returning for another stint at our little jungle community!

Support Hedonisia Hawaii Community & Feminist Enterprise Activities

We are a small sustainable community but our activities range far and wide! Even if you are not coming to Hedonisia to stay as a GuestVolunteer or Intern there are still ways you can help to support our community and the work we are doing.

1) Local Hawaii Politics.

Hedonisia Hawaii is working through the political system as part of our local political activism to promote eco-tourism and sustainable living in Hawaii. We invite you to become members of our political alliance!

2) Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community!

To support us with our local community activities and projects you can simply donate directly via Paypal or you can purchase our Hedonisia Handbook on Sustainable Community Management!

 Donation Link  Purchase Hedonisia Ebook


3) Visit our Feminist, Activist & Community Enterprise Web Projects!

Whilst growing our eco-community in Hawaii we have simultaneously been engaged in building web based socially progressive projects with a global reach.

With the assistance of a over 30 Hedonisia 'eco-feminist' volunteers and interns, our web projects are slowly having impact! For example, NaturalMiscarriage.org, a feminist enterprise pro-choice website we manage, has been visited by over 1 million women around the world.

We have received countless testimonials from women from around the world whose lives and reproductive choices were positively changed by the information we provided on this site.

4) Link to Hedonisia Hawaii!

Or you can simply 'Like' any website with your facebook account! Support could be as little as writing a little note about us on a blog or Reddit!

  1. SITE NAME: Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community & EcoHostel
    URL: www.hedonisia.com
    TEXT DESCRIPTION: A Sustainable Community on Big Island, Hawaii offering Volunteer and Intern programs for those who wish to enjoy a working holiday in Hawaii as well as affordable green Hawaiian Vacation Lodgings.

    Or you are welcome to use our banner:

    Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community and EcoHostel

    Hedonisiai Hawaii Sustainable Community

4. FEMINIST MEN. I am male! Can I still be part of an eco-feminist community?
Feminist Men! Male Eco-Feminist Community Manager in Hawaii

Robert Intern Manager 2016-7

Of course you can!  The Hedonisia Community is first and foremost an eco-tourist community on the ground. We welcome all genders and orientations! So as a male you are welcome to stay here as a Volunteer, Intern or Guest!

Many visitors will stay here without any idea of our other community operations and projects. They simply enjoy working on the land or enjoying the pleasures of Hawaii and that's it!

Though we describe ourselves as an eco-feminist community, most of our Feminist Enterprise projects are actually online.

It is ironic as well as funny that since we started using the word 'feminist' as part of our community description that male visitors dropped 🙂 This is despite the fact that the Founder and Community Director of Hedonisia Hawaii, Mojo Mustapha, is a male!

The truth is that many men do not seem as enthusiastic about our feminist foundation but that is slowly changing. We welcome feminist men!

As a community with an eco-feminist foundation, women and men who come here know they are staying where in a place where they can feel safe and their individuality is respected. We have a Sexual Harassment Policy to ensure that our community is based around a consent culture.

With our Jungle Queen program, we attempt to address issues of inequality when it comes to feelings of female empowerment while in the rainforest. Men have been taught to thrive in nature. This is not so with women.

We also manage a Feminist Entrepreneur Portfolio of web projects that address issues surrounding gender inequality. Men with skills or experience are welcome to volunteer on these projects.


5. MOVING TO HAWAII. Do you offer services to help me ‘settle in’ as a new Resident of Hawaii?

Employment & other Practical Details in Moving to Hawaii

Most of our visitors are European, Canadian or American. For Americans who wish to drop out of the rat race, the joys and pleasures of having a piece of paradise are definitely worth moving to Hawaii! And for Euro-Canadians, the advantage of owning land in Hawaii is that it can make it easier to enter the US to visit their property.

Due to our location near the Kilauea volcano, the price of land in the Puna region of Hawaii is much lower than in many areas of America and Europe. Living near a volcano of course has its risks. However, our high lava zone location means that traditional developers, condominiums, five-star hotels and Walmarts that have destroyed the natural beauty of much of Hawaii are not able to build here because the volcano may take it away!

In this development vacuum land prices are lower than elsewhere in Hawaii. Thus, affording an opportunity for natural, eco-friendly communities to step in to create opportunities that would otherwise not exist in this area.

In a nutshell, if you have a special interest you can buy a piece of land in Hawaii, create your website and then start attracting like minded people to come and live with you in your new 'community'!

Over the years Hedonisia Hawaii has acted as a landing point for many who wish to move to Hawaii island! We offer a number of options for people to stay cheaply, learn and work whilst settling down and finding their dream home in Hawaii:

  1. Cheap Monthly Rates to stay at Hedonisia. Some people want to buy land and settle in a beautiful area of our Hawai'ian paradise. They often will stay with us at our cheap monthly rates which then gives them ample time to drive around and check out properties for sale.
  2. Community, Feminist, & Activist Enterprise Business Coaching. Our area in Hawaii is beautiful and rural but it does not have many jobs! We teach a workshop on 'C.A.F.E. Enterprise' or, creating a business that does good in the world!
  3. Fair-Trade Volunteer Program. Being a Fair-Trade volunteer allows you to stay longer while looking for property and in the meantime get an education in rainforest living in Hawaii and learning how to work the land!
  4. Sustainable Community Manager Internship: Many people have a dream of buying land and creating a community in paradise! Of course it's not that simple. There are all sorts of challenges that can bring your ideals down to earth very quickly. For example, government permits, screening potential community members, and finances. At Hedonisia, we have gone through most of the hurdles that a community will face and now we can offer that knowledge to others! Being an Intern Manager is a fantastic way to learn sustainable community management, hands on, from an insider's perspective.

Employment in the Puna Area

There are not many jobs in the Puna area. With a lot of competition for the few there are, it is up to each visitor to find employment themselves. This is one reason why we encourage new residents to be C.A.F.E. Entrepreneurs!

We do not give advice or referrals until someone has proven themselves as a guest, volunteer or intern at our community. The Puna region is small and we have a good reputation in the local area. So We only refer people when we have had a working experience with them!

6. COMMUNITY MISSION STATEMENT. What is the Hedonisia philosophy?

We work to maintain an environment of safety and security on the property. Our community is a home and should be a comfortable, harmonious place to live and work!

community of individuals in hawaii

Our community of individual travelers! June 2016

i) Community of Individuals. We do not infringe upon or discriminate against the lifestyle, characteristics, or choices of anyone who is willing to be a respectful member of the community. Hedonisia welcomes people to make the most of their time here and enjoy everything the property has to offer, as long as they do not make others uncomfortable. 

Everyone is free to do their own thing as long as they respect each others personal space. As a community of individuals, we don't schedule any 'community events'. Socialization happens spontaneously with different individuals doing things together when they feel like it as opposed to feeling like they 'have to' participate!

ii) Eco-Feminist Entrepreneur Community. Our community functions as more than just an eco-hostel! Our eco-feminist philosophy has led to Hedonisia being recognized as a destination where women from around the world feel very comfortable traveling alone, which is a global issue of its own right. Our community provides a philosophical and practical foundation for female members to become successful entrepreneurs and run Feminist Enterprise businesses of their own!

iii) Intern Community Management Model. The day to day operational tasks are handled by Intern Managers as the Community Director deliberately lives off-site. This system encourages a culture of communication to be sure the director is aware of issues that arise, and changes, and progress that are being made. Since the property and its policies are constantly evolving, the director welcomes and encourages new ideas and innovation, allowing each intern the power to make lasting contributions to the community. This management style also encourages self-sufficiency and a willingness to initiate and lead new projects since the director is not there to micro-manage every project. So Interns 'graduate' with a unique work and learning experience.

iv) Free Speech Community PhilosophyHedonisia draws in a diverse crowd from around the world. We strive to create an environment that is safe and secure for everyone to stay and enjoy! As an eco-feminist community we attract feminist and environmental activists as well as guests that are passionate about a wide range of social causes as portrayed in the Hedo C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur Portfolio.

It is not uncommon to find yourself with people of differing political views, religious beliefs and sexual orientations.  As a Free Speech Community Hedonisia invites respectful, open and uncensored conversations for all community members. Especially when it comes to satire and comedy we value open communication between adults without automatically taking offense.

When living in a social community such as ours, that is also working on Big Picture issues, it is wonderful to work with friends and yet feel comfortable enough to communicate about any issue at all!

The goal is to strike a balance between respecting each other’s beliefs and sensitivities while at the same time not being overly-censorious to the beliefs that others are expressing. The way we practice this by making a distinction between politeness and censorship.

Anyone on the property is free to say that a word or expression makes them feel personally uncomfortable. As a polite community of individuals, we would expect residents to respect that sensitivity.

However, just because a word or expression is offensive to one person does NOT mean that others will take offense! In fact they may find it very funny! So we apologize for giving personal offense BUT NOT for the words we say.

This method of communication allows our diverse set of guests to feel comfortable expressing themselves, and sharing their views. Guests often engage in meaningful conversations that challenge their personal beliefs, and in many cases personal growth and development emerges from these free-flowing uncensored conversations!

v) Intern Transparency & Privacy. With volunteers and interns, we are respectful of different community members’ sensitivities with regards to working on certain projects and would not ask anyone to work on a project they don't feel comfortable with especially in the Hedonisia Portfolio of Eco-Feminist Web Projects. We simply find areas where our interests overlap and work on those!

When an intern chooses to work on one of our more provocative projects they can also choose whether or not they wish to talk about their project. If they do not want to share the details of that project with anyone that is their prerogative.

For example, one female intern described how excited she was to work on the sex positive feminist projects and she did a fantastic job. However, she would be shy if anyone asked her what her focus was!

In response, we divided our web focus projects to respect the different intern sensibilities, boundaries and comfort levels of all applicants. An intern's focus project is their individual contribution to the community. Communication about these subjects is private and with the director to respect the sensibilities of other community members.

We use acronym's like SPF (Sex Positive Feminism) or RR (Reproductive Rights) to transparently yet generally state what each intern’s focus projects are but it is up to each individual intern to share whatever they feel comfortable about and for others to respect their privacy should they choose not to share details.

III) About the Area

1. PROPERTY LOCATION. What is the area like around Hedonisia Hawaii?

We are located at 13-657 Hinalo Street, Pahoa, HI 96778. We encourage you to call the Manager on Duty at 808-430-9903, before you drop by during Hawaii business hours.

Our central location is in East Hawaii about 5 miles from Pahoa, 28 miles from Hilo and 100 miles from Kona. The town of Pahoa is well stocked with markets and restaurants. The Island Naturals Supermarket is an especially good source of healthy food with an excellent organic hot food bar!

2. BEACHES. What’s the distance to the closest beach from Hedonisia?

We are 14 miles away from the Kehena Black Sands clothing optional beach. Other beaches are located in Hilo. However, we also have Champagne Ponds, Ahalanui Warm Ponds and Kapoho Tidepools which are perfect for snorkelers. Isaac Hale Beach Park has surfing, snorkeling and swimming and is only 4 miles away! Other Nearby Attractions to Hedonisia Hawaii are located on our eco-hostel website!

3. GETTING AROUND. What is transportation like in Hawaii island?
Safe Hitchhiking in Hawaii

Hitchhiking in Hawaii: Interns Emma & Anninka

Transportation in Hawaii is a little different! Here are some transportation options:

1) Car Rentals. We recommend that you book your car rental before you arrive. Most of the traditional car rental agencies operate out of Hilo or Kona Airports.

2) Hitchhiking. Due to our island location, hitch hiking is a popular way to get around! It is relatively safe and easy but there are unsavory characters on the island. Make sure that you take a look at the driver and trust your intuition. In Hawaii, it is legal to ride in the back of a pickup and many guests have enjoyed that open air driving experience!

3) Sharing Gas: Sometimes Interns, Volunteers and Guests own or rent their own cars and may offer a free lift. However, please understand that anyone who gives you a lift is doing so because they feel like it. Be appreciative; you may ask but do not expect people to give you rides. And if they do it is often a courtesy to at least offer them something for gas expenses.

4) Airport Pickup Service. If you are arriving and not planning to rent a car we recommend you use our donation based Airport Pickup Service to get to the community.

5) Public Transportation in Hawaii: There is a skeletal bus service on the island for $2 a ride. This erratic but cute and very island style service is called Hele-on Bus.

6) Bikes & Scooters. They are used by many but we must warn that it is a little dangerous. The idea that Puna is safe for cyclists is false. Many local drivers don’t like bikes. And the roads are treacherous, curvy, covered in leaves and often very wet. We have written twice to the government to ask for road dividers to separate cyclists to no avail.

7) Local Rentals. We recommend Big Island Auto Rentals: bigislandautorentals.com Tel. 808-938-8084. If you rent a car online or on the phone please state our Referral ID: mojo@hedonisia.com. We get a small referral fee for this service. However, please note that Hedonisia Hawaii is NOT responsible for any rentals that result from this referral!

4. JUNGLE CREATURES. What about snakes and other ‘creepy crawlies’ in the jungle?

Cat and Rat

No Dangerous Animals. A common concern we hear is whether or not there are any dangerous animals our guests should be aware of. The Hawaiian rainforest is unique in the fact that it is the safest jungle in the world! There are no animals here that can really cause you harm.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of and expect:

  • Mosquitoes, Fire Ants & Centipede. Though it continues to surprise visitors, please note that there are insects in the jungle! However, all of the insects here are harmless. The main ones to watch out for are the Little Fire Ants and a centipede that gives a painful sting. Though we usually have some on supply, if you are sensitive bring a strong, eco-friendly insect repellant.
  • Wild Pigs. You can expect to see wild pigs at Hedonisia. The cruise around the property at night and you might hear them snorting around the outside of your lodging space. However, they are easily scared off and startled by making a loud noise!

Note: Ocean Currents. Perhaps the most dangerous natural phenomenon in Hawai'i is the ocean itself. Hawaiian surf and ocean currents can be strong so be fully aware of your limitations when swimming in the open Hawaiian ocean!

5. CLIMATE. What is Hawaii rainforest weather like? Is there a “monsoon” (rainy) season?

With the Hawaii rainforest weather, the days are warm but usually not too hot and the nights are cooler. This makes it ideal for sleeping!

There is a small decrease in temperature from September to March but it is mainly noticeable at night. In the daytime it is warm year round but never too hot! Nor too humid.

We live in a rain forest so our rainy season is all year long! However, December – March is traditionally the Wetter season. For people coming in from the cold remember it is warmer rain!

Make friends with the rain and you will enjoy it here! If you don't, you won't!

When we see the leathered and sun wrinkled people who live in Kona which is the sunny side of the island, we know we are living in the right place in our lush tropical home!

However, some volunteers, interns or guests, cannot stand being in wet weather! Many seem unhappy, surprised and depressed that it actually rains in the rainforest!

If you are sad that it rains in our rainforest home that is your right! But please try to limit your misery when in community spaces as it brings down everyone’s energy.

Rain averse people have a number of options:

  1. Leave for a dry place! We want happy Hedonisians! If the weather is making you depressed then go to Kona! It is unfair to you and to us if you are unhappy with our weather and it affects the way you conduct yourself in the community.
  2. Take a Dry Out! As long as you depart in good standing and there is availability, you can leave and enjoy the sunshine on the Kona side. You must vacate your space and reserve your return to ensure availability.
  3. Adapt! This is a rainforest. Not everyone feels miserable when it’s raining. Some people find rainy day things to do!

Finally, we end with ere is a quote from John Lennon that shows the attitude many people have about rain!

When the rain comes
They run and hide their heads
They might as well be dead
Rain, I don't mind
Shine, the weather's fine
I can show you
That when it starts to rain

Everything's the same
Can you hear me
That when it rains and shines

It's just a state of mind
John Lennon - The Beatles

6. HEALTH CONCERNS. Are there any tropical diseases or health issues we should be aware about in Hawaii?

Dengue Fever on The Big Island

The Hawaii State Department of Health has recently confirmed the presence of Dengue Fever on The Big Island. At Hedonisia Hawaii we work very hard in taking the proper measures to minimize the mosquito population on a regular basis, especially now. Please refer to the links below for additional precautions you can take and current information about the outbreak.

Hawaii State Department of Health

Dengue Precautions

Fight the Bite Flyer

Generally, Hawaii doesn’t have the kinds of diseases that are prevalent in many tropical areas. However, we recommend that you wash fruits and vegetables that you harvest from the land as there have been isolated cases of Rat Lung Disease. We also suggest disinfecting all scratches to prevent Staph infections.

Mold. In the desert, the air is dry and dusty which brings it’s own set of problems. Hedonisia is a community located in the rainforest. In other words it rains!  At our jungle location there is naturally occurring mold on most plants on the property and on any surface that is left alone for a couple of weeks. That is what happens in a rainforest; things can smell slightly damp and musty.

Many volunteers and guests are used to the over sanitized life in the mainland. As a result, they have wanted us to bleach, scrub and scour our jungle kitchen, lodgings and community facilities to a level more suitable for a hospital then a eco-friendly community. In ‘normal’ households,  cleaning agents used liberally despite being full of unhealthy chemicals.

In fact, some bacteria and germs are good for humans as they build up our immune systems. In the Daily Telegraph, Dr. Molly Fox of Cambridge University describes the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ whereby an overly clean environment has been linked to higher risk of certain allergies and auto-immune diseases.

Our response to ‘germophobia’ is to be pragmatic and ecofriendly. We use more muscle power to scrub and a minimum of chemical cleaning agents.

This is a tropical rainforest and we are an eco-community that does not employ energy using climate control to regulate nature (heating or air conditioning). We only use heavy cleaning chemicals when absolutely necessary! This means a healthier vacation in nature for you!

However, our lodgings are open air so most tourists are not affected as they would be if they were sleeping in a close confined space. If you have any acute sensitivities to mold then please take the necessary precautions or medications.

The vast majority of our Eco-tourists understand that and enjoy the beautiful aspects of living in green, lush nature. They appreciate that, as a ‘green’ community we do NOT want to continually use bleach in a futile attempt to sanitize nature. It tends to be the “normal” tourists who are used to climate controlled environments who we have the most difficulties with.

We also should mention that as the most isolated place in the world with over 2000 miles of ocean to the nearest mainland, our little area of East Hawaii has the cleanest tropical equatorial air in the world!

Hedonisia Volunteer & Intern FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions that Eco-Tourists might have about our
Fair-Trade Volunteer or Sustainable Community Manager Intern programs!