Sustainable Community Eco-Tourism in Hawaii!

Welcome to Hedonisia Hawaii, a former junkyard remodeled as a sustainable community on Hawaii's Big Island. The wonderfully weird hostel offers rugged adventure, ... and just the right amount of crazy. If only all junkyards could get second lives as hedonistic, environmentally-friendly communes. Huffington Post

Air Mural in Hawaii

Driveway into the Community

The Hedonisia Hawaii Community has been hosting 'eco-tourists' and 'volun-tourists' from around the world since 2004.

Whether you stay for a week or a few months you can enjoy affordable 'green' lodgings with our various eco-community programs. You can apply to participate in one of our educational volunteer programs to enjoy a volunteer working vacation in Hawaii!

Community based tourism is a great way to live, work and socialize with other travelers. This is what makes Hedonisia so different from traditional hotels! In a typical tourist establishment, it is often challenging to meet people. However, at Hedonisia, many friendships and relationships have blossomed at our little community in paradise!

Eco-Community Lodging, Volunteer & Educational Options

We offer a variety of community experience options to be involved at Hedonisia depending on the length of time you wish to stay and the level of involvement you want to have versus vacation time! Take a look through our various programs for an option that suits your interests and travel style.

a) Affordable Eco-Friendly Lodgings in the Rain Forest

Kahuna Cabin

Kahuna Eco-Cabin

Relax and enjoy the jungle! We welcome backpackers, travelers and eco-tourists for nightly,weekly or monthly stays in our quirky green lodgings!

Our accommodations range from a cozy studio cottage with ensuite bathroom and kitchen to rustic eco-huts made from recycled materials. We also offer hostel-style 2-bed dorm lodgings and private camping spots.

b) Fair-Trade Volunteer Program in Hawaii!

Hawaii Jungle Queen Volunteers

Jungle Queen Community Volunteers!

Live, work and learn in a sustainable community through 'voluntourism'! Our volunteer work-trade program is based on 'pleasurable activism'! We try to do good work environmentally and through our social enterprise web projects but we also enjoy living in the paradise that is Hawaii!

Fair-trade volunteers enjoy working vacation in Hawaii at a discount rate by doing voluntary work in exchange for lodgings. In addition to our farming and land activities, (Body work!), volunteers can also choose Heart, or Mind work!

c) Sustainable Community Manager Intern

Sustainable Community Managers

2013 Community Intern Managers - Andy & Jordi

Learn to manage an eco-tourist community in Hawaii based on social entrepreneur principles! We offer a 3-week Intern Training, which, if you complete successfully, allows you to become part of the Hedonisia Intern Community Manager Team!

This residential working and educational program is for Interns who wish to stay in Hawaii for three months to one year. When you 'graduate' as an Intern Community Manager, you work only 2 days a week! This leaves 5 days free to find a job, work on your own projects or simply enjoy the paradise that is Hawaii!

d) Hedo C.A.F.E Entrepreneur Educational Services & Resources

Community Calendar: Heart Board

Community Calendar

Over the years, Hedonisia has developed practices that provide a philosophical foundation for creating and managing a Community, Activist, Feminist & Environmental business enterprise. Learn how to use honesty, transparency, efficiency and activism to become a Pleasurable Activist & Ethical Entrepreneur!  Give yourself a meaningful way to make a living rather than just a regular a 'job'!

Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Contact Info:
Address: 13-657 Hinalo Street, Pahoa HI 96778
Community Manager Telephone: 808-430-9903
Apply or Inquire: Community Participant Application Form